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Todd Thomas is a mental performance expert and personal achievement author. He has seen many people throughout his life reach for their goals and fall short over and over again including himself.  He has seen those who are wildly successful yet dissatisfied because there’s a passionately held goal they never go for.  Is it lack of ability, feeling stuck, getting up that one more time, pressing on, or willingness to take the risk?

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[ap_column span=”4″]Todd’s Keynote Topics Include:

1.  Your It-Factor: If Others See Your Potential, Why Don’t You?


– Wilma Rudolph

Every single person has that “It-Factor” within them to be great and to do great things. Some know it and aren’t using it. Some are unaware of it. Others have forgotten it.

If you need someone to be that person that sees your potential and urges you on to your highest achievement, I’ll be that person.

2.  Go From Being A Goal-Setter To A Goal-Getter

Who’s setting your goals? You? . . . Or someone else? Learn how goals are automatic and how you decide who sets them. There’s one critical thing about goal achievement that almost no one talks about and if you don’t make this change, you won’t hit any goal!

3.  Do What You Must, But This You Must Do

Gathering information is not the key to success . . . nor is learning, nor is studying. It’s ‘DOING’ that is the key. We, as human beings, will always act, feel and perform according to what we imagine to be true about ourselves and our environment. Yes! It is “DOING” that matters. However, unless you have one certain thing right you won’t DO what it takes. Willpower will not be enough.

[ap_column span=”2″]By the end of his presentation, you will:

1.  Believe in your potential and capacity for great or greater achievement.

2.  Ensure that you will be able to hit any goal you can imagine.

3.  Know how to avoid the snap-back effect that holds and pulls you back from the success that you want.

4.  Gain the one key anyone can use to ensure success when you “just do it”.



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